Marcy Purdy, A.T.R., B.C.

Thank you for visiting! I am a Nationally Registered and Board Certified Art Therapist and Qualified Parenting Coordinator with decades of experience working in the Art Therapy* field. My practice is located in Vero Beach Florida, on the beautiful Treasure Coast. For many years I have been serving the State of Florida as an experienced Trainer and Facilitator, a State Certified Educator, Public Speaker, Consultant and Artist.

My fascination with art began as a young child. I found both comfort and an effective means of communicating my thoughts and feelings through art. My admiration for creative expression developed through my childhood and led me to pursue a degree in special education and art. Later I continued my education to acquire my Master of Art Therapy degree.

My practice has evolved through the years to include litigation consultation, grant writing and research. I have also had experience with Program evaluations and held the position of Adjunct Professor of Special Education at Nova Southeast University.

My workshops include "Wellness through Creative Art", and special workshops for Public and Private Educational Institutions as well as workshops & classes for Gyotaku (fish printing) and Qi-Gong.

I have served as an Expert Witness in many civil and criminal cases across the United States. An expert witness can be called to testify from any field as it pertains to the case. As an Art Therapist my ability to “see what the client is seeing and experiencing emotionally, mentally and spiritually often assists in the process of justice.

My personal interests include owning an Art Gallery, Gyotaku Instruction and Art products, and being a certified Qi-Gong Instructor."

*The American Art Therapy Association, Inc. sets educational, professional and ethical standards for its members. The Art therapy Credentials Board, inc. (ATCB), an independent organization, grants credentials. Registration (ATR) is granted upon completion of graduate education and post graduate supervised experience. Board Certification (ATR-BC) is granted to Registered Art therapist who pass a written examination, and is maintained through continuing education. (Quoted from the AATA Facts page Definition of art therapy.)

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